Monday, March 28, 2011

How to use Young Living essential oils to help with Colon Cancer

" This information is provided by Nida Gonzales-Chan and I have inserted my own notes into it. I shared this protocol to a friend who has colon cancer and has had his tumor removed and is awaiting chemotherapy sometime April, 2011. I strongly disagree with any form of chemical treatment in the body but it is always up to any of you to decide for yourself. I am a health educator and coach and am sharing my dialogue with my friend for others out there so that you may be well-informed on cancer. My name is Dolf. Log on to to order Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils from Young Living. " 
Colon Cancer Protocol
To enhance the action of essential oils, cancer requires strong  cleansing and fasting programs. Cancer is best treated in its early stages by alternating and varying essential oils used each week, so the cancer cells do not build up a resistance to the treatment.
" Cleansing and Fasting, cleansing means that there are toxins that have been built up in the body, this is why an emotional clearing is very important as cancer is highly emotional caused by high volatile emotions or repressed one. In the case of colon cancer, it is likely that the patient has much repressed emotions, the feeling of not letting go and having emotions stuck in the colon. Fasting is also recommended but it depends on the phsical strength of the patient. If a person is weak then fasting is not recommended. The point is fasting is because it gives NO FOOD at all to the cancer cells. Cancer thrive on any food that we take into our body, most specially high in acid like meat, bread, rice. But cancer won't thrive in high alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables. "
For a cancer preventative, mix up to 20 mg of these essential oils in tablespoon of vegetable oil, and put in 00 size gel caps. Take one per day.
The gastritis associated with H. pylori infection is closely associated with gastric cancers. Highly antiseptic oils can kill Helicobacter pylori that causes the infection. These oils include oregano, mountain savory, tea tree, and thyme.
Single Oils:
Clove, Frankincense, Ledum, Orange , Tsuga, Lavender
" Clove, orange, tsuga and lavender from Young Living are really PURE and ingestible and are not really expensive but the expensive one is frankincense although this rare and high -sesquiterpene essential oil is highly recommended. This colon cancer protocol is provided by my friend Nida Gonzales who is a Filipina dietitian and lives in New Jersey. Please look for her on Facebook, type Nida Gonzales-Chan. "
EO Applications:
            CAPSULE, 00 size, 2-4 times daily
            RICE MILK, 2-4 times daily
Colon Cancer Regimen:
Day 1: Put 10 drops of Frankincense, 10 drops tsuga in a vegetable capsule and swallow 3-4 times daily.
Day2: Mix 16 drops Frankincense and 3 drops clove, and put in vegetable capsule. Take orally 3-4 times daily.
Day 3: Mix equal parts Frankincense and Lavender in a vegetable capsule and take 3-4 times daily.
Day 4: Take Frankincense capsules 3-4 times daily.
Days 5-8: Repeat above 4-day cycle.
Days 9-12: Reset for 4 days.
Day 13: Restart the regimen.
" The oils are changed and rotated so that the cancer cells will not catch up with
mutating itself to adapt to the oils, that is why a mix of oils are recommended. "
Dietary Supplementation:
EssentialZyme, ComforTone, ICP, Detoxzyme
" These are enzymes... to actually digest the  cancer cells killed off by the oils. Essentialzyme and Detoxzyme are enzyme capsules. Comfortone is a natural laxative that is important to take because then the dead cancer cells will be flushed off the body, out into the bathroom. ICP is a high fiber powdered drink which is highly alkaline to achieve an unfriendly terrain for the cancer cells. If the patient is a meat-eater and takes less fibers, fruits and vegetables, then this drink is important. "
Supplementation Regimen:
1.      Begin with EssentialZyme to digest toxic waste.
2.      Take 2 capsules ComforTone, 3 times daily. Increase by one daily until the bowels move. Then begin reducing. If diarrhea occurs, reduce amount of ConforTone used and increase ICP fiber beverage. Drink plenty of purified or distilled water.
3.      ICP fiber cleanse: Begin with 1 Tbsp. in water, 3 times daily. Increase to 2 Tbsp. 3 times daily or as needed until bowels are moving regularly.
" Please log on to to order the oils. I will assist you in ordering the oils but you have to log in under my membership no. so that I can become your upline and I will be totally responsible for your essential oils education. My name is Dolf. "


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